Get Involved

7 Easy Things You Can Do

  • Like/Follow our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages and share our posts to spread the word.
    • Use these hashtags: #beinformed #kidsmatter #sharethemessage #payitforward #safetyfirst #growingvalley #beengaged
  • Display “Vote Yes” signs in your yard and at your business, especially if you’re on a well-traveled street. Click Here to download one.
  • Wear a “Vote Yes” button everywhere you go. Get one at your local school.
  • Place a “Vote Yes” magnetized sign on your vehicle. Get one at your local school.CV Logo
  • E-mail your personal contacts list and ask them to “Vote Yes for Central Valley Schools.”
  • Create a Facebook profile campaign picture.
  • Add our ‘CV Schools CV Powered’ bug to your email signature.
  • Write or film a testimonial.
    • If interested email:

Get More Involved

  • Doorbell in Central Valley neighborhoods and ask residents to “Vote Yes and support our schools.”
  • Make phone calls to get the YES vote.
  • Wave a Vote YES sign during drive time. Click Here to download one.
  • Write a Letter to the Editor. Click here to find contact information for local newspapers.
  • Ask local businesses to put “Vote Yes” messages on their reader boards and signs in their windows.
  • Make a financial contribution to the campaign. The “Vote Yes” campaign is financed entirely by private donations. Click here for more information.
  • Turn Out the “Yes” Vote. Ballots will be in the mail to all registered voters by January 21st. Contact everyone you know and be sure they mail in their “Yes” votes by February 10.
  • Invite us to your club. We love book clubs, quilting groups, even Bunko! Give us a few minutes and we’ll let your members know what’s at stake for CV schools.

Want to learn more?  Contact us or call 509-868-8170.