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The campaign is sponsored by Central Valley Citizens for Education, a non-profit, grassroots organization made up of volunteers who support Central Valley schools.

Vote YES for the Central Valley bond and levy. It’s the right thing to do for kids.

Campaign Co-Chairs
Marty Dickinson, CV parent 509-868-8170
Kim Pearman-Gillman, CV parent 509-714-3017
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2018 Campaign Steering Committee
Kerri Ames
Vicki Arnold
Brooke Baker Spink
Marty Dickinson
Kelly Fukai
Keven Frandsen
Meagan Garrett
Lynda Hall
Rustin Hall
Jessie Hardt
Eric Hoglund
Jan Hutton
Chris Jensen
Lance Kissler
Kent Martin
Amy Mason
Lindsay Miller
Tim Nootenboom
Marla Nunberg
Jerrol Olson
Cindy Sothen
Ben Small
Julie Van Wormer
Alison Walton
Jim Howard
Erin Zasada