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February 11, 2020


Our students and schools need your continued support. Please Vote YES for the Central Valley School Programs & Operations Supplemental Levy today!


On February 11, 2020, Central Valley voters will be asked to consider approval of a supplemental levy to stabilize and sustain our school programs.

Please vote YES to sustain programs that engage students and ensure a safe learning environment. The programs sustained by the levy are directly linked to the high levels of academic success and student achievement in CVSD. Your YES vote ensures opportunities for all students in our district to learn in a safe environment that challenges them to pursue their passion.


What does the levy pay for?

  • Safety and Security
    • for our growing school population – our kids and staff deserve to be safe
  • Co-curricular & extra-curricular activities
    • music, drama, debate, athletics, STEM camps, and numerous after-school activities that keep students engaged in learning in and out of the classroom
  • Special education programs
    • filling the gap left between actual program costs and state and federal funding
  • Student intervention programs
    • academic support for all levels, social and emotional supports, and programs to encourage positive behavior for a safe and orderly learning environment 
  • Staffing
    • sustains current teacher levels to maintain smaller class sizes, nurses to meet student’s basic health needs, counselors, social workers, security and critical support staff – the state school funding model does not cover current staffing levels
  • Technology
    • classroom devices are at the end of their life, but are essential for today’s curriculum and to prepare students for our ever-advancing workforce
  • Curriculum & instructional materials


CVSD is transparent & accountable.

What will levy taxes look like?

Year Levy Bonds Total ($/$1,000 assessed home/property value)
2017 $3.40 $1.86 $5.26*
2018 $3.23 $1.79 $5.02*
2019 $1.50 $1.78 $3.28
2020 $1.50 $1.78 $3.28
2021 $2.50 $1.78 $4.28**

*Before the Washington State “McCleary Decision” that capped school levies

**Includes this proposed Supplementary Levy

Levy: supports learning and sustains essential school programs

Bond: dedicated funds for school construction only


We need your continued support to stabilize and sustain these essential school programs.

Vote YES for CV Schools by February 11!




A track record of good stewardship…

CVSD has a great record of delivering on commitments.

Once voters approve this measure, the levy funds will be handled with the same careful planning, conservative budgeting, and steadfast management demonstrated in the past.

  • CVSD is responsible with their resources. The proof is the careful stewardship of the construction bond projects passed by voters in 2015 and 2018 — with all school projects completed ahead of schedule and under budget and Horizon Middle School scheduled to open in 2020 and Ridgeline High School in 2021.
  • Projects were prioritized over time to keep the tax rate low.
  • State matching funds made your local contributions go further. For every $1 invested in the 2015 construction bond, the school district leveraged and additional $.85 from the state, which allowed construction of two more schools than originally promised — Riverbend Elementary and a new North Pines Middle School.
  • Strengthening the Central Valley economy. Our last two school construction bonds had a one-time economic impact of over $600 million and an additional annual economic impact of more than $500 million. 
  • These dollars create jobs, approximately 500, and directly benefit Central Valley’s economy.
  • For more information on how your construction bond dollars were spent, go to


Creating a Workforce for Our Future – essential for our economic vitality

Our district is full of some of the best and brightest students in the state, and these students are the engine that will fuel our future local economy. It’s up to us to ensure a strong school system now and in the future, and that means supporting a high-quality education that will lead to a competitive workforce. The ongoing vitality of our schools will play a crucial role in building vibrant communities, improving property values and enhancing livability.

Education is the heart of a healthy economy. Strong schools, strong economy. #EducationGrowsEconomies


It’s up to us to ensure a strong school system now and in the future.

Since 2000, areas in the Central Valley School District have grown by nearly 60%. We need your help in stabilizing and sustaining valuable school programs for our Central Valley community’s vibrant future. 


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