CV PoweredMarty Dickinson – I am VOTING YES because I trust support the thoughtful planning that CVSD has done to solve for a rapidly growing district. We are at a tipping point for our 2 high schools regarding overcrowding. Currently our two high schools are 1000 students over capacity and the influx of growth is not stopping.   We must also address the safety needs of our Horizon middle school and plan for where we intend to place the 68 kindergarten classes and those students in the future. CVSD is better than portables and teachers teaching and students learning off of mobile carts. Because of CVSD’s thoughtful, patient and diligence in their planning efforts all this can be done without raising the tax rate.  They have delivered on every promise and they have been good stewards with our taxpaying dollars.  Now is a critical time for our district, community and students.  Please join me in VOTING YES come February 13, 2018.


WilliamsRuss Williams – As a father of two daughters and a grandfather of three grandchildren who have or are attending schools within CVSD, as well as a long time homeowner and business owner in the district I am voting YES for the upcoming CVSD Bond in February of 2018. I believe in paying it forward and ensuring all kids have access to education and safe places to learn. CVSD has demonstrated to me that they are excellent financial stewards with our tax payer dollars and know how to leverage our investment helping raise the level of class room learning in every building in our district. PLEASE join me in VOTING YES. Our community, our kids and our future depends on it!



MeaganMeagan Garrett – My husband and I are VOTING YES because we understand the value of a CVSD education. We were raised in the Spokane Valley and are graduates of the Central Valley School system. He is a successful health care leader and I am a successful business owner today because we had a strong educational foundation. Our district is one of the best in the state! And as such, they have thoughtfully prepared for the future growth of our district. They have diligently managed our taxpaying dollars from previous bonds to meet the prior facility and education needs of our district. I TRUST THEM FULLY to do it again with these bond dollars and the plans to meet these current and critical needs for our district. I am PROUD to say I am VOTING YES and PROUD to say my sons will both be third generation graduates of CVSD!


bvclogoBrandVenture Consulting - is PROUD to stand behind and beside the Central Valley Citizens for Education and their work to support the passing of the 2018 Bond to build a third comprehensive high school and meet other growth needs in our Central Valley School District. As a local business, we understand that communities are known by the schools they keep. It is up to us to support local education. It is up to us to know and understand that better schools means increased home values. Increased home values lead to positive economic growth, which in turn leads to positive outcomes for local business owners. We ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER! It isn’t just about families with children in schools. It is about building stronger communities and leaving legacies. The time is now. BrandVenture Consulting SUPPORTS THE BOND! Won’t you?


Jim & Deb Howard – As patrons of the Central Valley School District we are VOTING YES for the Bond and Levy Elections on February 13, 2018. We have observed first hand the quality education program that the district has provided for our two grandsons.  We are very proud of their success in the system and proud of the Central Valley School District, a district that is diligent on listening to the community and delivering on its promises. As retired educators, we have lived in several Washington communities in the past 30 years and know that there is a direct correlation between quality of schools and the quality of a community.  Our two high schools were built in 2002 to serve 1,500 students but are currently over capacity with 2,300 students attending Central Valley High and approximately 1,900 at University High School.  As our community continues to grow it is crucial that we provide a 3rd comprehensive high school facility to meet the needs of our increasing high school student population.  This bond will allow us to do exactly this without an increase in property tax! Please join us by VOTING YES on February 13, 2018.

Julie Van Wormer -
As a member of the Greater Spokane region, I strongly encourage everyone to VOTE YES on the Central Valley School District Bond. As a parent, grandparent, and active business and community person, I have seen first-hand the importance education has on our youth’s future success. Schools need to be safe, functional, and be able to handle the increasing number of students that are pushing the schools beyond their capacity. The Central Valley School District has shown they are responsible and accountable with the citizen’s tax dollars. Through good stewardship and careful planning, future school projects will be done without raising the tax rate. Central Valley School District is doing their part – now it is time for us to do our part and VOTE YES on February 13, 2018.