Why Vote Yes

Why Vote YES?

The 2018 bond is designed to meet the needs of a growing Central Valley. We asked for your input and collected ideas from over 1,800 district residents. The results were clear: build a third high school and expand middle school capacity without raising taxes. The 2018 bond measure is a renewal of the investment in facilities already approved by voters in a prior bond. It does not increase the tax rate.

Here’s what a YES vote will provide for our kids:

  1. A third comprehensive high school
  2. A sixth middle school in the Telido Station area (near the HUB)
  3. The renovation and expansion of Horizon Middle School

Solutions for a growing Central Valley

Thanks to our 2015 bond measure, we’ve made great progress in building and renovating elementary and some middle school facilities across the district. The next step is to address our high schools, which are operating far beyond capacity – and the quality of our kids’ education suffers as a result. We’ve stretched our resources as far as we can, squeezing students into portable classrooms or even bussing them to facilities on the other side of the district. As our population continues to grow it is time for a third high school and expanded middle school capacity.

  • The population in the Central Valley has grown by 25-60% in some areas since 2000.
  • We have 4,211 students in two high schools designed to fit no more than 3,200.
    • We have used portables, shared classrooms and other strategies to accommodate our growing student population.
    • The community now needs a third high school.
  • The projected high school enrollment in 2021 is 4,492 – over the current capacity by 1,292 students.
  • We have heard time and again through the years from our community that they do not want to have massive or crowded high schools
  • CVSD had the foresight to purchase land for a third comprehensive high school over 30 years ago. Our long range planning means we’ll be able to move quickly.
  • Our new bond will also support the construction of a sixth middle school in the Telido Station area, along with the renovation and expansion of Horizon Middle School.

Safer facilities for our students and staff

Our kids and staff deserve to be safe. A third high school and expanded middle school facilities are critical to improving the safety in our schools. Overcrowding and portables create safety risks for our students and staff. This expansion will:

  • Move students currently housed in portable classrooms into a safer environment inside the building for lockdown and other safety procedures.
  • Ensure students and staff can safely access and exit classrooms, hallways and buildings, especially in emergency situations.

A track record of good stewardship

CVSD strives to be responsible with our resources. The proof is in our careful stewardship of the bond projects passed by voters in 2015: we’re on track to complete those projects ahead of schedule and under budget. We’ve also worked to prioritize projects over time to keep the tax rate low. The 2018 bond renewal does not increase the tax rate. It also maximizes CV’s ability to attract state matching grants. Once voters approve this measure, we will handle the new funds with the same careful planning, conservative budgeting, and steadfast management we’ve demonstrated in the past.

Strengthening the Central Valley economy

Central Valley School District is full of some of the best and brightest students in the state, and these students are the engine that will fuel our future local economy. It’s up to us to ensure a strong school system now and in the future, and that means supporting a high-quality education that will lead to a competitive workforce. The ongoing vitality of our schools will play a crucial role in building vibrant communities, improving property values and enhancing livability.