We support the "Vote Yes" campaign to renew Central Valley School District's levy measure.

“For” Statements for Levies

by Lindsay Miller, CVCFE Chair, Parent & Avista Executive; Matt Albright, Parent, Local Health Care Executive & Former Spokane Valley Chamber Chair; and City of Liberty Lake Mayor Cris Kaminskas

Educational Programs and Operations (EPO) Levy “For” Statement

The replacement of the expiring Educational Programs and Operations (EPO) Levy is vital to sustain and enhance our local education landscape. Supporting this measure fortifies the foundation of our community’s learning environment for the next three years. A foundation that our Central Valley community has supported for more than 50 years. This measure is endorsed by both the Spokane Valley Chamber and Greater Spokane Inc.

Educational Excellence:

This replacement levy ensures continued funding of essential programs that directly impact our schools’ quality, which our community has come to expect. From advanced placement courses to extracurricular activities, the levy empowers educators to provide a well-rounded setting—nurturing all students’ full potential. Voting for this measure is an investment in the academic excellence that defines our community.

Maintaining Critical Services:

Beyond academics, the levy plays a pivotal role in preserving necessary operational support of schools, including paraeducators, nurses, safety officers and custodial staff. From maintaining current school investments to sustaining a safe and conducive learning environment, these funds are indispensable. By endorsing this measure, we safeguard the resources required for the seamless functioning of our educational institutions.

Community Commitment:

Approving the Replacement EPO Levy is an affirmation of our shared commitment to the future. It signals our dedication to fostering an environment where every student can thrive. As responsible community members, our support for this measure invests in the prosperity and well-being of generations to come. Vote for the levy—an investment in education is an investment in our community.

Capital Improvements Levy “For” Statement

This measure addresses critical school needs through a Capital Improvements Levy. This secures essential funding for enhancing security measures, advancing crucial building improvements, and incorporating necessary technology upgrades. Supporting this measure contributes to the overall betterment of our educational safety and infrastructure for the next six years. This measure is endorsed by both the Spokane Valley Chamber and Greater Spokane Inc. 

Safety and Security Enhancements:

In an ever-changing landscape, the safety of our students and staff remains paramount. This levy invests in comprehensive security measures, including new security cameras and safer new entryways at many of our dated buildings to ensure secure access control. Supporting this measure creates a safe educational environment that prioritizes the well-being of our entire school community.

Building Improvements:

This measure also allocates resources towards vital school building improvements. Aging structures require attention, and this levy ensures necessary funds to repair and upkeep facilities. This safeguards the community’s investment in the longevity and functionality of our schools—providing a favorable learning space for all.

Necessary Technology Upgrades:

To keep pace with 21st-century demands, it is imperative to equip students and staff with the latest technology. This measure allocates funds for necessary technology upgrades and devices, ensuring all students have access to cutting-edge tools and resources. This technology investment empowers our educators and students, preparing them for success in an increasingly digital world. By voting for this measure, we invest in the future of education and success of our students.