Facts & Information

On February 13, 2018, Central Valley voters will be asked to approve a Capital Facilities Bond and a three-year Replacement Levy – without a tax rate increase.  Vote Yes!


About the Bond

Passage of the bond will not result in a tax rate increase due to the scheduled payoff of a prior bond. Funding from the bond will be used to strengthen safety and security in our schools and expand capacity to serve growing educational needs by completing the following projects:

  • New Comprehensive High School to be located at 16th & Henry
  • New Middle School
  • Renovate Horizon Middle School

Why Now?

  • Central Valley is growing. Phasing school construction over time is the best strategy for keeping your tax rate low.
  • We heard you: voters asked for a third high school without raising taxes. The 2018 bond will accomplish this.
  • The 2015 bond funded 12 new and renovated elementary and middle schools. Projects are ahead of schedule and under budget.

Will you Raise my Taxes?

  • The 2018 bond does NOT increase the tax rate. It is a renewal of the investment in facilities already approved by voters in a previous bond.

What happens if the 2018 bond doesn’t pass?

  • If the bond does not pass in 2018, then we would lose the ability for choice to grandfather in students and allow for a phased-in transfer to the new high school. If the bond passed at a later date, students would be boundaried without any choice.
  • We would also lose flexibility in the diversity of offerings across the high school programming. Without adding the capacity of the third high school, these programs are limited.
  • If the bond does not pass and growth continues, there would be more portables added, more teachers would be rotating throughout the school day. Or, it would be necessary to move to a split schedule. There are already 3 lunch periods at CV starting at 10:30am and 2 at U-High.

What will the boundaries be? How will I know where my child would go? Would my children be at different high schools?

  • Because our population will grow between now and 2021 when a new high school would open, boundaries would be set in 2020.
  • The process would be guided by principles set by the school board.
  • A committee of community members and staff would be publicly established and the process would include direct input from the community.
  • Generally, some potential considerations for boundaries could be: taking a district-wide view of growth trends and enrollment projections balanced with capacity; minimizing the impact to families and siblings; the effect on special programs; neighborhood proximity and transportation impact.

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Visit: www.cvsd.org